Wednesday, 6 June 2012

NOTD and Seche Vite Review

I haven't done a Nail of the Day post for ages, so with baited breath, I present to you, my nails:

I feel the need to explain that the white things are flowers, on an orange background, and the black squiggles are the details of the flower. You see? If you look closely and sort of squint you can make it out.

Anyway, how was this master piece constructed, with the following:

The orange was Models Own Fuzzy Peach, the black lines was the Models Own nail are pen, and the white was OPI's Alpine Snow.

I started by painting a coat of orange, then some random blobs of white, and some outlines and squiggly spirals with the black. Et voila. Floral nails for a rainy week.

It was also my first chance to road test some new purchases courtesy of Buyapowa, the Seche Vite base and top coat. These were going for just £11.50 (£6.28 off the RRP) on co-buy, the social buying site I'm sure you're all familiar with, but if not to check it out as there are always some great discounted products.

Both of these products are by all accounts fabulous. 

The base coat went on really well and gave a good base to paint a few layers of paint on. Even when I took it off there was no staining on my nails at all and they don't look weak and tired like they tend to after having a week of polish on them.

And the top coat really is worthy of all the raving that is done about it! It dried ultra fast and gave my nails a mirror like shine. I usually keep polish on for a week by which point it has usually chipped and at least one nail has no paint left on it what so ever, but with this all there was was a tiny chip on one nail, and the rest were fully in tact and looking the same as when I had painted them a week ago! It was a shame to take them off really!

Overall a great product and one I'd definitely re buy!

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