Friday, 3 December 2010

Balmain for Less

Balmain has to be one of the most expensive labels out there, they charge way over any reasonable amount to pay for any sort of clothing, we're talking over £5,000 for a dress and hundreds of pounds just for t-shirts. Making it only affordable to those with more money than sense (Alex Curran) and those who are gifted it (lucky bitches...)

That's not to say it's not very nice, it is, it's one of my favourite labels, but still, I won't be buying any anytime soon.

But lucky enough, as Balmain is such a distinctive and desirable label, lots of high street shops do pretty convincing replicas. You'll see their signature statement shoulders, heavily embellished dresses, high hemlines paired with ankle boots and black and gold colour palette absolutely everywhere.

And that's where Peacocks come in.

They're currently selling this dress for £40 (with 20% discount):

Which bares more than a passing resemblance to this one from the Balmain 2010 Fall collection:

Here's hoping Santa knows how good I've been this year...