Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pin Me Down

Pinterest isn't particularly new, I am aware, it's just taken me a little while to get round to writing a post about how addictingly useful it is!

Pinterest is basically an online pin board, you can 'pin' any image you like from the internet and organise it into themed boards. So if you're like me and have lots of folders saved on your computer of pictures of funny animals, places you'd like to travel to, or make up and clothes you particularly like, you can now store all of them on Pinterest.

As the weather was unseasonably nice over the weekend, I created a 'Summer' board, full of all the reasons why the bleak Winter weather in the UK has well and truly over stayed its welcome!

If any of my followers are Pinterest users, leave a link to your profile below and I'll have a look at what you've been pinning! (Although if you pin anything about your "dream pantry" or "perfect larder", I'll have to decline I'm afraid as these are my two pet hates when it comes to Pinterest!)

Monday, 27 February 2012

We Blazin'

The weather has taken an unseasonable twist over the last couple of days, with rumours rife that we can expect a "mediterranean" climate in the next few weeks.

I don't think we're quite ready for shorts and flip flops, but never the less transitional dressing can finally take place.

I've been eyeing up some blazers lately. They're great for adding some colour to an outfit, as well as a nice variation to the black cardigan which I seem to be unable to step away from.

There are lots of coloured numbers in the shops at the moment, but River Island seems to have come out on top, with a number of bright coloured, patterned, lacey and floral ones.

Do you have any blazers in your wardrobe and how do you wear them?

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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Academy Awards 2012: What would you wear?

The Academy Awards 2012 will be taking place in just a few hours times, with the stars most probably slipping themselves into their gowns and tuxs as we speak.

Without a doubt the most glamourous and extravagent event of the year, my eyes are always particularly interested in seeing who looking a million dollars, and who really isn't.

Attending the Oscars is something which, let's be honest, won't be happening in my lifetime. However, a girl can dream and I've put together my perfect Oscars outfit, featuring one of my favourite designers Elie Saab.

If you could attend the Oscars who would you be wearing?



Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday Steal: Gucci Flapper Dress

I'm particularly proud of this Saturday steal, because it really is identical!

River Island are quite often responsible for a designer inspired dress, and this is no exception as a black, gold and white sequin dress they have coming into the store this Summer is a very convincing replica of the Gucci number which was seen going down the SS12 catwalk.

It was a stunning collection, taking inspiration from the 1920 flapper era, with dripping embellishments, fringing and metallic colours. And the River Island take on it really isn't that different.

If you're getting excited about the Great Gatsby trend which is set to be everywhere this Summer, this dress epitomises it perfectly!

Is it the sort of thing you'd wear?

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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Steal: Stella McCartney Spot Appliquéd Tulle Dress

It's Saturday steal time again, and today I spied a copy of a white Stella McCartney dress in River Island.

The original was worn by Cherl Cole on her 28th birthday and features a floaty light fabric, a loose fit, high neck and white discs scattered over the top.

The River Island one is very similar, and a snap at £50!

I'd definately wear this with a golden tan and some super high heels.
Do you like?

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