Saturday, 23 June 2012

Saturday Steal 012: Victoria Beckham Scallop Dress

It's that time again!

Today I've gone for some Victoria Beckham. If I'm honest I think the way she's worn this dress in the picture about is a bit horrific, those boots don't make her legs look nearly as long as if she were wearing a court shoe, but never the less I love the bright colour.

I tend to shy around from bright pinks, but it's edging closer and closer to Summer and salmon and coral colours are starting to seem a lot more appealing, even more so since this the Dorothy Perkins version is currently on sale for £25!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

5 of the best: Summer Sandals

1 // The Neon One // The toes don't come out too often, so when they do, and they're tanned, why not throw on some neon to really set them off! The bright the better!

2 // The Blingy One // A golden strap given this one a bit of a Grecian feel, perfect for Summer. But not half as much as...

3 // The Grecian One // These are too cute to resist! They may be a bit on the pricey side, but they're too adorable to ignore! Although be careful if wearing during the Olympics, or in Greece, as people might think you've gone a bit overboard on the theme and mistake you for a torch bearer or something...

4 // The Animals One // Everyone needs a bit of an animal trim, and this subtle bow is great for a more neutral pair of sandals.

5 // The Tribal One // The orange and turquoise on these are perfect for a more tribal look. They're a bit chunkier than the others and make a bit of a statement, but are cute none the less.

What sandals will you be wearing this summer?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

En Vacances

Yep, after a solid year of the daily rise and grind, I'm finally able remove the shackles binding me and my desk and *shock horror* go on holiday for a little while. And boy do I feel like I need it!

I'm off to sunny Morocco, to spend a few days in Marrakech followed by a few more in Agadir, so I'll see you on the other side, hopefully with a few stories to tell and a tan to make you sick with envy!

Laters 'gators!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ebay Wishlist

After some inspiration from VIPXO as well as Sophie Isobel, I've been doing a bit more rummaging on Ebay than I usual would of late, and to my surprise I've found some really nice bits and pieces!

I'm a bit obsessed with studs at the moment, I think if I actually brought some everything I own would be studded, I have my sights set on a bag, some shorts and a couple of T-shirts already, so it's no surprise that studs feature a few times on my list!

I particularly like number 7 courtesy of Fansy Nails. Studded nails, how amazing is that! I'm desperate to give it a go! And number 5 is more than similar to a few t shirts I've seen in Zara recently.

There's the obvious false eye lashes, I'd be a bit dubious about quality but for a few quid it's hard to say no.

The hair chain is very Kim Kardashian, but hair jewellery is meant to be the next big thing, so I think it'd look cute with a pony tail to spice it up a bit.

And a bourbon biscuit phone case is absolutely perfect for me given my penchant for them!

Do you have any ebay finds you'd like to share? Link me your posts and I'll check them out!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dinner, Dessert & Drinks 004

Some more amazing looking recipes for you!

The idea of putting peach on a pizza seems weird, but looks absolutely delicious, and I think would work in the same way pineapple would, but the combination of brie and french bread is enough to get my attention! Nom.

White chocolate and raspberries must be a combination put together by the lord himself.

And strawberry margaritas? I'm in!

Friday, 15 June 2012

NOTD: OPI Miami Beet

A new nails of the week for you all today.

This week I've pulled out an old favourite, OPI Miami Beet.

It's a dark raspberry colour and I've kept it simple with just a block colour. I think this one goes perfectly with gold, so I've done coloured tips and a half moon in the past, but for today I've gone with a basic colour.

What's on your nails at the moment?

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Five of the best: Denim Cut Offs

Seeing as I got a few nice comments on my "Five of the Best..." post last week on Maxi Dresses, I though I'd give it another go with denim cut offs.

The perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, I think we all own at least one pair (or in my case more like 5...) pairs of denim cut offs.

I think they're great for that festival feel, wearing on holiday, or just for when it's too hot for skinnies and you want to show off them legs!

1 // The Ombre One // Ombre is everywhere at the minute, from your hair to your bag to your shoes, it's all ombre! I think with shorts it gives them a brighter edge, and the effect it has is really cute, I think it'd look nice in a purple or pink-ish colour to make it a bit more girlie!

2 // The Sparkly One // Who can resist a bit of a sparkle? These are perfect for a summer festival and although a bit pricier than the rest, I like how they seem a bit dressier with the sequins. (Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!)

3 // The Leopard One // Leopard print is great for turning a pair of boring shorts into something a bit nicer. It's a little bit trashy yes, but that's exactly what I love!

4 // The Floral One // These are floral as well as being high waisted, giving them a bit more of a vintage feel. The print is very sweet, and I think they'd look great paired with some brogues or a blouse. Very cute!

5 // The Studded One // I am obsessed with studs at the moment, if I had a stud gun, every piece of clothing I own would be studded (quite lucky I don't then really!) I am desperate to get my hands on this pair but want to make sure they're not too short first, after trying on another pair from River Island and them almost revealing what I had for tea...

What's your favourite pair of denim cuts offs in your wardrobe?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Summer Trend Guide: Ombre

Another update in the Summer Trend Guide.

And this time it's Ombre.

I love how you can go all out with this and wear a maxi or a blazer, but you could also keep it more subtle with Topshop's skinny jeans.

Do you own any dip dyed or ombre items?

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday Steal 011: Drop Waist Dress

I personally love drop waist dresses.

I think they're perfect for those occasions where you need to look a bit smarter than usual, but don't want to go all out formal.

A few have been seen on the run ways and red carpets, with Victoria Beckham's versions as seen on Michelle Williams and the lady herself are two notable examples.

Dorothy Perkins recently added one in "Ink" to their site, with a cut out back detail, which is a more than adequate substitute for the £1,195 Chloe version.

Do you own any drop waist dresses?

Friday, 8 June 2012


June is with us already!

This month there's lots to look forward to, a well deserved holiday to Morocco for some 5 star luxury, I cannot wait! And all the anticipation that goes along with it (holiday shopping anyone?)

Plus a couple of bonus days off, hopefully some good weather to get my tan on and some future planning. :)

After a month (or two) of what seems like endless amounts of work, work and more work, I am well and truly excited to see what June holds!

What have you got planned for this month?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Dinner, Desert (and now Drinks!) 003

Slight change to Dinner & Desert this week. We now have drinks too!

The Lavender Lemonade is strictly alcohol free, but there's nothing to stop you from adding a splash of whatever you see fit to spice it up a bit!

Preceding that we have a rather delicious looking Thai Chicken Salad, and a very seasonal Strawberry Cake.

All found via tastespotting as usual.

Have any recipes been catching you eye this week?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

NOTD and Seche Vite Review

I haven't done a Nail of the Day post for ages, so with baited breath, I present to you, my nails:

I feel the need to explain that the white things are flowers, on an orange background, and the black squiggles are the details of the flower. You see? If you look closely and sort of squint you can make it out.

Anyway, how was this master piece constructed, with the following:

The orange was Models Own Fuzzy Peach, the black lines was the Models Own nail are pen, and the white was OPI's Alpine Snow.

I started by painting a coat of orange, then some random blobs of white, and some outlines and squiggly spirals with the black. Et voila. Floral nails for a rainy week.

It was also my first chance to road test some new purchases courtesy of Buyapowa, the Seche Vite base and top coat. These were going for just £11.50 (£6.28 off the RRP) on co-buy, the social buying site I'm sure you're all familiar with, but if not to check it out as there are always some great discounted products.

Both of these products are by all accounts fabulous. 

The base coat went on really well and gave a good base to paint a few layers of paint on. Even when I took it off there was no staining on my nails at all and they don't look weak and tired like they tend to after having a week of polish on them.

And the top coat really is worthy of all the raving that is done about it! It dried ultra fast and gave my nails a mirror like shine. I usually keep polish on for a week by which point it has usually chipped and at least one nail has no paint left on it what so ever, but with this all there was was a tiny chip on one nail, and the rest were fully in tact and looking the same as when I had painted them a week ago! It was a shame to take them off really!

Overall a great product and one I'd definitely re buy!