Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five of the best... Maxi Dresses

As Summer is quickly approaching, with a holiday imminent, I'm feeling the pressure to step out of my skinnies and into something a bit more fitting for the weather.

BUT, I have to admit, I don't own a maxi dress!

Shocking I know, but as I'm heading to Morocco, and not quite feeling short shorts for this year, a Maxi dress is looking like the most practical option.

1 // The Evening One // I like this one not only because of it's bright colour, but also because it's more of an evening dress than a day one. You'd definitely stand out it in, making it not quite suitable for a wallflower like me, but the black and nude version are gorgeous!

2 // The Optical Illusion One // One of the reasons I'm put off a jersey maxi dress is the fear that it'll cling to the parts of my body I don't really want to show off, namely the love handles and the stomach. But this clever one is not only black, but also has white sections at the side to create the illusion that the curves are in the right place. Perfect!

3 // The Floral(-ish) One // I love the Summery print of this one. Perfect for on the beach!

4 // The Leopard One // The combination of  lace and leopard on this one is perfect and very D&G. If it weren't strapless I'd definitely be tempted!

5 // The Colour Block One // A big block of coral, and the gold belt works well to keep everything in proportion. Another favourite.

Do you have any maxi dresses and what would you recommend for a maxi noob like myself?

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  1. Love the pink dress. Need to find one that is short enough for me though :( xx