Thursday, 14 June 2012

Five of the best: Denim Cut Offs

Seeing as I got a few nice comments on my "Five of the Best..." post last week on Maxi Dresses, I though I'd give it another go with denim cut offs.

The perfect addition to a summer wardrobe, I think we all own at least one pair (or in my case more like 5...) pairs of denim cut offs.

I think they're great for that festival feel, wearing on holiday, or just for when it's too hot for skinnies and you want to show off them legs!

1 // The Ombre One // Ombre is everywhere at the minute, from your hair to your bag to your shoes, it's all ombre! I think with shorts it gives them a brighter edge, and the effect it has is really cute, I think it'd look nice in a purple or pink-ish colour to make it a bit more girlie!

2 // The Sparkly One // Who can resist a bit of a sparkle? These are perfect for a summer festival and although a bit pricier than the rest, I like how they seem a bit dressier with the sequins. (Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!)

3 // The Leopard One // Leopard print is great for turning a pair of boring shorts into something a bit nicer. It's a little bit trashy yes, but that's exactly what I love!

4 // The Floral One // These are floral as well as being high waisted, giving them a bit more of a vintage feel. The print is very sweet, and I think they'd look great paired with some brogues or a blouse. Very cute!

5 // The Studded One // I am obsessed with studs at the moment, if I had a stud gun, every piece of clothing I own would be studded (quite lucky I don't then really!) I am desperate to get my hands on this pair but want to make sure they're not too short first, after trying on another pair from River Island and them almost revealing what I had for tea...

What's your favourite pair of denim cuts offs in your wardrobe?

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