Sunday, 11 December 2011

Snapshot: Listening, Watching, Reading, Winning, Wanting

Listening: Florence’s cover of Drake ‘TakeCare’ from the Livelounge. This really is SUPERB. If you haven’t already listened to it, get ready for something amazing! I love Florence and she really delivers on this song:

Watching: I’m a Celeb final. I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here finished last week and my-not-so-secret love of Mcfly, especially the uber cute bassist Dougie Poynter definitely were the main reason I was hooked on this. Slightly odd but endearing Dougie did it in the end, and now I’m just hoping (fingers crossed) that his band mate Harry can do the same on Strictly Come Dancing next weekend. (If you want my prediction it’ll be him and Chelsee in top and second places, but which way round I can’t call!)

Reading: COSMO!

Winning: A new game I downloaded for my phone called Line Runner. It’s very simple and addictive and I’ve been playing it on the train every day. You’re a stick man and have to jump over and roll under little blocks to get as far as you can, sounds silly, but once you’re hooked it’s hard to put down! My top score is 827 on track one. Can anyone beat that?

Wanting: I’ve spied some star printleggings on and am desperate to get my hands on them!


  1. great blog, hope to read more from you:)
    following you now xx


  2. I have just found your blog! I really like it!!! Cute idea for a post. Also after reading your profile we could obviously be best friends... "Like cups of tea and pashwari naans" mmmmmmm and biscuits and shoes and handbags :-D


  3. The leggings look so cool!