Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Let’s All Get Naked Again!

The 1st December brought excellent news to many a beauty addict, the cult palette, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, is to return for a bigger and better sequel. The Naked2!

Now I don’t need to rabbit on about the amazingness of the original Naked Palette, as lots of you will already own it and be a convert, but it’s a great set of 12 eye shadows which can be combined to create looks suitable for any occasion. If I could only ever use one eye shadow palette again, it’d be this one.

The Naked2 looks very much along the same lines, a combination of matte and more shimmery shades all in neutral hues of soft browns and greys.

I’m particularly looking forward to the black shade at the end, Blackout, as finding a jet black eye shadow I always find particularly difficult.

A few select bloggers have managed to get their hands on it early (Lipglossing and Vex in the City), and judging by their reviews and photos it’ll definitely be worth a purchase.

The wait will be over for us Brits from 9th January, when you’ll only be able to get it from Debenhams. From February 6th you’ll be able to get it from House of Fraser as well, for £36. (A bit pricey, but I think it’s worth it)


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  1. I looooove the new palette!
    Laur x