Friday, 30 December 2011

Eyelash Wishes

I've given these Eylure Individual Lashes a few goes now so I think I'm getting quite good at them. They're semi permanent individual false eyelashes, and are meant to last around a couple of weeks, although in my experience if you get more than a week out of them you've done well.

The pack include some glue, some solution for removing them (although I've never touched it as they usually fall off in their own time) and the lashes themselves.

They come in three different lengths, so I'll start with with the shortest ones in the inner corners, and then move out to use the longest ones at the outer corners. They're flared and have a little knot at the end, you just dab the glue on, place them on your lash line and hope for the best!

It's a bit fiddley and takes a bit of practice, but I really like the results it gives, especially as it lasts longer than a usual strip of falsies and is cheaper than the cost of getting a professional set.

Have you ever gotten eye lash extentions or tried these eylure ones?

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  1. Yeah, I tried them before. I really like them.