Monday, 12 December 2011

My Week in Photos: 11th December

First up, I cracked open the advent calendar! I've got a Where's Wally one, and yes, I have managed to find him.

Second, the Starbucks red cups are in! I've never really paid attention to these before, but now I am an official coffee drinker I have seen the light and they are amazing! This was a Praline Mocha a believe and I finished it off with a slide of chocolate yule log. What? It's Christmas!

Third, I entered a competition with @Dune_Shoes and Vogue Online Fashion Week and to my surprise I won! They sent a gift card the very next day (Bravo ladies, bravo!) and I promptly purchased a very fine pair of boots, details coming soon. Some of us were just born lucky I guess! :)

Fourth, I went to the Clothes Show Live on Monday and whilst there were lots of bargains and deals and some lovely clothes and make up, there was also a chocolate fountain which was worth the trip up to Birmingham for alone! Who can resist a chocolate fountain?? (I certainly can't)

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Sounds like a fun week! I love chocolate fountains.

    Just discovered your blog--you have a great voice and tone to your writing.


    Hello, Framboise!

  2. Love your blog!!!! Check mine there's a GUCCI GIVEAWAY!!!! xoxo

  3. I could use some starbucks right now ;)

    I invite you to visit my blog and enter a giveaway ;)

  4. Ahh that chocolate fountain looks lush! x

  5. So jealous of everyone who has a Where's Wally calendar! That chocolate fountain looks lush xxx

  6. That Starbucks drink sounds delishhhh