Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dinner and Dessert 005: Morrocan Special

I've lined up a Morrocan special Dinner and Dessert for today!

Following my recent adventures to Morroco, and the food and drink I spent the majority of my time consuming, I thought it would be good to enlighten you on some of the cuisine you're likely to find in this part of the world.

First up is Morrocan Chicken set over apricot and cranberry cous cous. Cous cous is a basic staple than comes with everything, but pairing it with a apricots and cranberries really sets off the flavours and spices unique to Morrocan culinary. The list of herbs and spices makes it a bit too long for me to attempt doing myself, but this sort of thing went down a treat when I tried it!

And for desert is a traditional Morrocan desert, serpent cake. Or as it's really called M'hanncha. I'm sure you don't need telling why it's called serpent cake, but the basic premise is a sort of filo pastry based cake, set off with some nuts, rose water and orange and lemon zest.

I didn't actually get to try this whilst in Morroco, but damn I wish I had!

Have you ever tried any Morrocan food?

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