Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Video of Miley Cyrus shows her dancing provocatively with Adam Shankman

In my original post just under a year ago following the scandal that Miley Cyrus 'pole danced' on stage at the Teen Choice Awards 2009 I thought it was all just a big storm in a tea cup. Yes Miley has lots of young, impressionable fans but her antics on stage were hardly akin to anything sexual and she was just enjoying herself.

BUT, the latest Miley Cyrus scandal has changed my opinion of the 17 year old. Today a clip has been passed around the internet with a girl, who I assume to be Miley Cyrus, dancing wholey inappropraitely with director Adam Shankman at a party to celebrate the end of filming Miley's film, The Last Song.

Wiggling her bum around the openly homosexual director's crotch she looks like she's having a splendid time... But I'm sure none the less a scandal will be whipped up, damning her for influencing her fans to place themselves on the crotch of any middle aged men.

Whilst the two incidents are completely different, appearing on stage there are completely different rules and codes of conduct compared to when you're at a private party, and it seems as if Miley is unaware that she is being filmed or that the video would end up on the internet but none the less her position in the media and her celebrity status means that this can only be bad news.

Yes, celebrities are entitled to do whatever they please, but when your every move is being watched and subject to scrutiny perhaps it's best to keep such antics behind closed doors. No it's not fair, she's not the only 17 year old girl to have been caught in such a compromising position, but the price you pay for fame is being watched, constantly, whenever and wherever you are and if you can't take the good with the bad possibly a the celebrity career path isn't the one for you.

I highly doubt that any child post seeing this video will then emulate Miley as good parenting should teach children that it's inappropriate no matter what Miley is telling them, but the debate still ensues. Was Miley in the wrong for doing it in the first place? Was the person who covertly filmed her in the wrong for passing his video around the internet? Am I wrong for passing it around further? What do you think?

*Edit: The video has been removed from youtube, if you really want to see you can get it here*

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