Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sex and the City: Carrie's Halston Heritage Asymmetric stretch-jersey dress

In Sex and the City 2 Carrie wears about 4 dresses by Halston Heritage, everyone seems to be talking about the white V-Neck one she wears in the opening scene but I much prefer the pink asymmetric Jersey one she wears whilst in Abu Dhabi which Kesha has also been spotted in.

Inevitably lots of high street version have cropped up which are far more affordable than the Halston one which costs £216 from net-a-porter, which I happen to think isn't that bad considering it's in one of the biggest films of the year where everyone's eyes were on the clothes.

Even so, it's well out of my budget which is why the Topshop and Lipsy versions are so handy! The Lipsy one is a rather obvious replica which is being promoted as a copy cat version, with a picture of Carrie next to it. Still, the colour's very summery and it's only £35. (Also available in black and purple.)

The Topshop one is my personal favourite though and is a more original take on Halston design. It comes in black and white (although white's out of stock) and I think it would look best teamed with some gold jewellery and shoes.

Like this:

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