Thursday, 6 May 2010

Beyonce 'Why Don't You Love Me' Video Review

Hmm, well I suppose interesting was the right word for Beyonce’s new video. It was launched yesterday and whilst it’s good to look at, the 1950s housewife look is cute and gives the video a strong style and quirkie-ness, it also however screams misogyny!

Tut-tut Beyonce! In the video all she really does is cry over her man who doesn’t love her, cook, clean, ponce around in her underwear and do some gardening. What happened to the empowered female we saw in Crazy Right Now and Single Ladies? Not at all a positive message to be giving to her fans about femininity. Whilst the fashion is very glamorous and she looks stunning I just wish she’d get a back bone! It is possible to be powerful and look good at the same time!

What do you think about the message of this video?

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