Monday, 10 August 2009

Teen Choice Awards 2009- Miley Cyrus Pole Dance?

[caption id="attachment_58" align="alignleft" width="231" caption="Miley on stage at the American Teen Awards 2009 with said pole."]Miley on stage at the American Teen Awards 2009 with said pole.[/caption]

Last night the Teen Choice Awards took place in Hollywood, with anyone who’s anyone attending and playing host to its fair share of controversies, including a spot of pole dancing from young starlette Miley Cyrus. The big winners of the night included Britney Spears, Twilight and Miley herself, who won a total of six awards.

Miley’s performance has yet again landed her in hot water with the P.C. brigade after a pole was used as part of her routine during her performance of Party In the USA. I’d like to stress, the performance looks to me to be as un-raunchy as possible. She’s hardly doing moves you’d expect from your standard pole dancer and it seems more like she ‘danced with a pole’, as opposed to ‘pole-danced’.

Miley is no stranger to controversy, after she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair with just a sheet covering her modesty, and pictures she’d taken of herself in her underwear were leaked onto the Internet, with parents claiming that she wasn’t a good role model for her young fan base.

In my opinion it seems like she’s done absolutely nothing wrong or worthy of controversy at all, merely putting together an entertaining performance that happened to include a pole. And if any parent is worried that their child is then going to go off and get a job as a pole dancer to try and emulate the star, they should first question their parenting skills before they lay the blame at Miley’s door.

Critics have also been quick to suggest that her performance was part of a plan to market the start to an older audience and to lose her ‘Disney’ image, which doesn’t make all that much sense. Miley’s on to a good thing with her legion of devoted young fans, she’d be a fool to try and alienate the very audience who got her where she is and I’d hope she (or her management) would know when she was on to a good thing, which she certainly is given her massive celebrity status.



  2. Miley Cyrus seems like a slut whens she takes all of these pictures of herself in revealing clothing and have you seen her outfit on the Party in the U.S.A music video. Her breasts and bra were practically hanging out for the whole world to see; now is that good role modeling? Someone's daughter could see that and then wear their clothes like that, no one wants to see anyone's bra or breasts in real life. She needs to grow up and find something more productive to do than taking pictures of herself in reveals clothing and educating the world on how not to dress.

  3. WOW that is sooo NOT appropiate