Monday, 17 August 2009

Sewing Machine Sales Increase 500%

Sewing MachineRecessionista: A person (usually female) who manages to look fashionable during a period of economic hardship by being more prudent with her money to still be able to wear the latest looks. E.g:

“Wow, that dress is gorgeous, how did you afford that after you lost your job?”

"Well, I am a recessionista.”

It looks as if in these times of the credit crunch and when every penny really counts, savvy fashion lovers are turning to a more DIY approach to getting the latest looks on a shoe string budget.

Lots of retailers have been reporting an increase in sales of sewing machines, with Tesco’s sales growing by 198% compared to this time last year, and sales of Argos’s cheapest machine have risen by a whopping 500%

It now seems as if home economics teachers and your grandma aren’t the only ones with sewing machines. Possibly attracted by the prospect of being able to replicate designer labels at home on the cheap, or being able to customize clothes from the high street to stand out from the crowd, everyone seems to be putting their sewing skills to the test to create unique clothes for a fraction of the price.

However, it’s a very difficult skill to master. Having endured textiles at school, even managing to get an entire GCSE in it (A*, might be a hidden talent) let me tell you, making anything from scratch which is wearable is very time consuming and requires a great deal of patience and dedication, which is maybe where I fell short.

My opinion would be that rather than trying to make something completely from scratch, possibly adding unique flourishes to items from the high street would be a better plan to save you money, create something which stands out from the crowd and show off your creative side.
Photocredit: Dynana

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  1. This is such an ingenious idea–very well done!
    One point you might want to know–new sewing machines are computerized and magnets are not a good thing to have attached to them. I have seen people using double sided tape or picture mount tape to attach things like lights.. FYI if you are interested..