Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Best Tressed 2011

2011 has been a good year for hair all round. Trends have appeared with lots of them refusing to leave. Things have got wilder and wackier than ever before, with undercuts, bright colours, ombre ends and fishtail braids everywhere you turn. To celebrate a great year for hair here is my top five best tressed ladies of the year. (In no particular order)

1. Fearne's Long Bob

Fearne went for the chop this year and opted for a long, textured bob that suits her perfectly. I can't be the only one getting bored of seeing celebrities universally wearing their hair long and in loose waves, and this do really does the trick. She'll often curl it to create a vintage feel, wear it poker straight or inject some texture in as shown in the picture. It all suits Fearne's style perfectly.

2. Drew's Ombre Ends

Drew Barrymore was one of a gaggle of celebrities who went for the grown out roots look by adding in some graduating lighter shades to the ends of their hair. Drew really went for it, going from very dark brunette to very light blonde at the ends. I personally love this style, and not just because the timing of it coincided perfectly with me growing out my former blonde hair (only a little bit left now!)

3. Kate's Chelsea Blow Dry

Possibly the most talked about do of the year, Kate Middleton's Chelsea Blow Dry. It's long, has lots of body, a curl just at the end and tends to make her look perfect no matter what the occassion. I don't know how she does it, all I know is that I want it!

4. Nicola Roberts Volumous Curls

Nicola Roberts has really made her mark on her own seperate from Girls Aloud this year in the fashion stakes. Her hair is always flawless, and she wears it with a hell of a lot of volume (not to mention extentions I'd assume) but regardless it always looks amazing. Her strawberry blonde hue and bouncy curls are incredibly glamourous and she manages to look great no matter where she's being photographed.

5. Scarlette's Victory Rolls

Scarlette's look here perfectly epitomises the 60s siren look she is frequently seen sporting. The way her hair is rolled up seems to defy the laws of hair architecture I thought was possible, and her styling always takes you bad to Marilyn Monroe/Betty Page era.

What do you think of my top five and is there anyone else you think deserves a place?

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  1. i love fearne and drew's hair! xx

    1. Me too! Wish I had the courage to lop of a few inches of my hair like Fern did! I'd feel naked without it! x

  2. I love Fearnes hair!
    Claudia xxx

    1. I love the way she wears it in lots of different styles, you'd've though a long bob would be hard to do anything with, but she always finds a way to experiment!

  3. I think Fearne is bringing it back for us girls with shorter hair!! lol xx

    1. Definately! So refreshing to see someone with shorter hair looking amazing, like her and Olivia Palermo. x