Friday, 25 November 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy

A certain colour has been on my mind recently, and it's plum.

Bright coloured hair was everywhere over summer, particularly with dip dying the ends lavender, jade and electric blue. It was cute and quirkie, and easy to get rid of my lopping off the bottom inches.

I was tempted, but not quite sold.

But now that Winter's a'coming a deeper purple hue all over has got me thinking...

Alot more wearable than the neon's that the likes of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj have been sporting, it's got a certain something which I'm tempted by.

A temporary dye hopefully wouldn't leave me looking like a goth circa 1999 and would wash out after a couple of months, but home dying sessions have never had a happy ending in my experience...

Does anyone know a good dye for glossy, rich colour that will wash out after a few weeks and not leave my locks in a state of disrepair?

Rather crude mock up below:

Oui or non?


  1. Very cool. I'm thinking about dying just one streak in my hair. I'm debating over a pastel blue or mint green.