Saturday, 28 August 2010

Leopard Print Nails


There is no real purpose to this post, other than to show you my leopard print nails

Leopard Print nails

There they are. I used some nails inc. nail varnish which was part of the Diet Coke promotion, this one is the London one and it's a beige colour. There was also Paris, New York and Milan which were purple, pink and red. I used some black Konad special polish for the leopard print bit which was on plate number m57, and it took me a few goes to not mess it up! I think I'll try zebra print next. :)


  1. Do I not even get a mention for how I helped you? Also loving how big 'plus sized' is on your tags. LOL

  2. How did you make the leopard print??? They look amazing, LOVE them!

  3. Hi, I did them using a stamping set. If you put Konad into eBay or amazon you'll see what I mean! The leopard print one is on plate number M57. :)